In March 2007 St. Stephen's Girls' College established the St. Stephen's Girls' College Charitable Trust to support the St. Stephen's Girls’ College Council to advance the school objectives of providing a first rate local education in the Christian faith. The St. Stephen's Girls' College Charitable Trust supports the affiliated schools of St. Stephen's Girls' College, St. Stephen's Girls' Primary School and St. Stephen's Girls' College Kindergarten. St. Stephen's Girls' College and St. Stephen's Girls' Primary School are government grant schools, whereas St. Stephen's Girls' kindergarten is a private but non profit-making school.
The St. Stephen's Girls' College Charitable Trust provides assistance and financial support to the School Council for the purposes of maintaining, improving and enhancing the standard and quality of education of the College's affiliated schools. The SSGC Charitable Trust enables the schools to have more flexibility in curriculum planning and resource management. Key areas of support include maintaining, strengthening and improving:
The Christian Faith
St. Stephen's Girls' College is affiliated with the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui and provides a first rate Anglican education. The June Li Chapel, 14 Stations of the Cross, Morning Assembly and RE classes further students’ Christian Spirit. Charitable Trust funds assist with the maintenance of religious education programmes and facilities.
Curricular and Co-Curricular Programmes
The variety of curricular and co-curricular programmes offered to all students is what sets the school apart and promotes excellence. Learning is not confined to the classroom. The fund supports student participation in experiential learning opportunities such as the Global Experience Programme, Student Exchanges, Study Tours, and participation in local and international competitions. As well, guest speakers, specialty teachers, distinctive workshops and unique programmes are funded by the Charitable Trust. For the Kindergarten, the purchase of story books, CD, toys and teaching aids are funded by the Trust.
Professional Learning, Research and Staff Development
St. Stephen's Girls’ College promotes a Professional Learning Community with ongoing teacher and student learning. Funds from the charitable trust support participation in teacher professional conferences within the school, Hong Kong and internationally. Furthermore, the fund supports student participation in leadership and learning conferences.
St. Stephen's Girls’ College has a beautiful campus comprised of a monument building, three additional school buildings and a beautiful garden. The fund supports the maintenance of the buildings, garden and slopes. Moreover, upgrades to the facilities including enhanced amenities such as sport and leisure facilities, Library improvements, teaching areas, wireless installation, technological enhancements are funded by the Trust.
St. Stephen's Girls’ Primary School and St. Stephen's Girls’ Kindergarten are housed in one school building. The fund supports the maintenance of the building, as well as improvement and upgrades of facilities within the building.
Scholarships and Bursaries
Scholarships and bursaries support the recognition of students who are high achievers in any and all curricular and co-curricular programmes offered by the school. Additionally, the fund supports educational opportunities in the College and tertiary institutions for students in need of financial assistance.
The trustees have the power and discretion to apply the income or capital of the Trust Fund for any or all of the stated purposes. Donations to the St. Stephen's Charitable Trust may be designated for specific projects or entrusted to the overall Fund.


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